Cross-docking is a process that involves unloading incoming goods directly from incoming trucks and immediately loading them onto outbound trucks, with little to no storage in between. This method aims to reduce handling and storage time, which can lead to faster order fulfillment and reduced warehousing costs.

If you would like to cross-dock with Ship Essential, reach out to and tell us a little about your project. We’ll need to know inbound dates, outbound dates, the number of pallets, and any additional services you would like us to perform. 

** Please note: cross-docking is subject to space and labor availability. Projects must be booked with Ship Essential at least one week in advance.


Costs can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the handling required, the volume of goods, and the specific services provided. 


Inbound Handling: $20 per hour 

Outbound Handling: $20 per hour


Short-term Storage: $3.33 per pallet per day

Value-Added Services

Carton Sorting and Segregation: $10 per pallet

Unit Sorting and Segregation: $50 per hour

Quality Inspections: $0.05 per item inspected

Labeling and Packaging: $1 per item

Any other Special Project: $50 per hour