Virtual Fulfillment Order Overview


Pickups are completed based on a pre-set route. If you need an additional pickup or need to cancel your pickup, simply contact the team at

  1. The Virtual Partner will tag all orders being provided to Ship Essential with the “Fulfill with Ship Essential” tag in Shopify [Adding Shopify Order Tag Guide]

  2. The Shopify Packing Slip for all orders being provided to Ship Essential are printed [Batch Print Shopify Packing Slips Guide]

  3. All products for orders are placed into poly bags with their Shopify Packing Slips.

  4. Ship Essential’s driver will pick up all orders at the scheduled time.

  5. Ship Essential’s driver will drop these orders off at Ship Essential Warehouse.

  6. Ship Essential will scan the barcode on the Shopify Packing Slips to confirm receipt in WMS so order can be packed and shipped.

  7. Once orders have been packed and shipped, the tracking number will automatically import into Shopify and mark them as fulfilled.