Wholesale Orders


We are focused on giving your wholesale orders added attention to make sure they get out the door as quickly as possible. To make this process fast and seamless, please follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Input the order into ShipHero: Create an order on our WMS platform. Without an order, we are unable to fulfill wholesale requests. Be sure to fully input SKUs, quantities, and select a shipping method. We will not assume additional items are being added to the wholesale order. If no shipping method is selected, we will select the most economical method via UPS. Note: in ShipHero, you can add a wholesale tag to the order.

  • Step 2 - Give us a heads up: Send an email to support@shipessential.com and provide us with the order number, and any other instructions for packing the order. Without a heads up, the order may flow through our system as a standard ecommerce order. If there are any additional items that we should add (such as custom packaging or special packing slips), let us know and we’ll take care of it!

  • Step 3 - We’ll pack and ship it out: Our standard procedure will be to pack in the fewest number of boxes possible, while ensuring your products are fully supported and protected. If you have any special packaging requests, please let us know via our support email.