Drop Checklist


Day Before Launch

  • Contact Ship Essential with relevant drop details

  • Ensure all inventory has been delivered to Ship Essential with ample time to receive the products

  • Contact Shopify to increase API Calls for both ShipHero App and PDQ AppĀ 

  • Ensure Drop SKUs have inventory sync turned off

Day Of Launch

  • Turn off Same-Day Delivery option

  • Update Shopify Shipping options

  • Increase the allocation priority for next day and second day orders in ShipHero

  • Go through the site /check out to make sure the shipping guidelines

  • Turn off Inventory Sync

  • Drop SKUs put on Draft in Shopify

  • Upload correct inventory figures into Shopify (Remove 10x unit for each SKU incase of overselling)

    • If pre-selling, consider removing more inventory

  • Drop SKUs put on Active in Shopify

Post Launch

  • Ensure all orders have synced properly with ShipHero

  • Remove inventory figures in Shopify (if necessary)

  • Evaluate inventory levels in ShipHero (Need to see what inventory is still available)

  • Turn On Inventory Sync

  • Turn On Same-Day Delivery option