Virtual Fulfillment Pickups Overview


🌟 Ship Essential offers our partners the ability to pick up e-commerce orders from your facility (store, office, supplier) We call this Virtual Warehousing.

For our partners that require a daily pick up service, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your orders are received and shipped without delay!

What will we pick up?

We will pick up all orders that are ready for us by the time we arrive. Make sure all orders are individually separated with their corresponding packing slips securely attached.

If you will need multiple pickups in a single day, please let us know by 12pm. Our driver's route is carefully crafted each day, so we may not have the ability to change things on the fly.

If you will be closed or not need a pickup on any given day, please give us a heads up so we know to cross you off our list for that day.

When will we pick up?

Our driver will arrive at your location based on your previously agreed upon pickup window. Please reach out to with any questions regarding your pickup window.

To avoid shipping delays, please make certain your orders are ready upon arrival. We allow the driver a maximum wait time of 15 minutes in case you may need it. Should you need an additional pickup on a given day, you may request for us to return at a later time for an additional fee. Please see our Special Requests & Rush Orders Policy.

Whom may we contact?

We may need to reach out due to traffic, gridlocks, stores closure, etc. Please make sure you provide at least one updated contact.

Are we able to perform special pickup requests?

Yes! You may need a pickup from a different location or help transferring inventory and we’re happy to help!

Please reach out to at least 48 hours in advance to receive a custom quote based on location and volume. Please have your complete address ready along with quantity, weight and dimensions of what is expected to be picked up.

Thank you!

Ship Essential Support