Shopify Integration


Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform and we are happy to offer a comprehensive integration with Shopify that allows for syncing of Products, Orders, Order Modifications, Order Cancellations, and Inventory.

Completing the Integration

Integrating Shopify and ShipHero will always be completed with the help of the Ship Essential Team. This is to ensure that all integrations are completed correctly.

Prior to completing the integration, please ensure all products in Shopify have the below fields accurately filled out. This information will automatically flow into ShipHero from Shopify and it’s necessary for it to be up-to-date

Shopify Field



Picture of Products


Unique SKUs for every product variant


Customer facing price of product

Cost per item

The cost to manufacture product


Unique Barcode Value. Can mirror the SKU value.


Required for calculating shipping costs

Harmonization Code

Required for international shipments

Country of Origin

Required for international shipments

🌟 💡 Here is a Shopify Guide on how to complete mass updates to products- LINK

Integration Capabilities


  • ShipHero will link any imported products with matching SKUs to the existing product already in ShipHero. If the SKU does not already exist in ShipHero, a new product is created.

  • If the barcode for a product changes in Shopify, update that product in ShipHero to that barcode.

  • If the price for a product changes in Shopify, update that product in ShipHero to that price.

  • If the weight for a product changes in Shopify, update that product in ShipHero to that weight.

  • If a SKU is changed in Shopify, it will update the product SKU in ShipHero.

  • If a product has no SKU, ShipHero will use the Shopify product ID as the SKU.

  • If the product does not have a barcode, ShipHero will incrementally generate a barcode.

  • If product name changes in Shopify, it will appear with updated name on new orders.


  • Orders placed in Shopify will typically appear in ShipHero within a few seconds after the order was placed. Sometimes it can take several minutes.

  • Typically, orders shipped in ShipHero will be updated on Shopify within a few minutes. When shipping orders in ShipHero, tracking information is sent to Shopify and the customer will receive an email notification with the tracking information of the shipment.

  • If an order has a customer note in Shopify, sync that into the Gift Note in ShipHero.

Order Modifications/Cancellations

  • If an address changes on an order in Shopify, update that order in ShipHero to that address.

  • If an order is fulfilled in Shopify, update the order in ShipHero.

  • If an order is canceled in Shopify, it will be canceled in ShipHero.

  • If you cancel a line item on an order in ShipHero, it will not update the order in Shopify.

  • If you add products to an order in ShipHero, it will not add the products to the order in Shopify.

  • If you refund an order in ShipHero, Shopify will refund the customer's original payment method.

  • If you cancel the whole order in ShipHero, it will cancel in Shopify.

  • If you update a line items in Shopify, the Quantity Ordered and Quantity Pending Fulfillment will be updated in ShipHero.


  • If inventory is updated in ShipHero, it will be updated in Shopify (Must have ShipHero manage Shopify inventory turned on).

  • Inventory changes made in Shopify will never update in ShipHero. Also, ShipHero will override those changes made in Shopify if ShipHero manage Shopify inventory is turned on.