Loop Returns Integration


The integration between ShipHero and Loop is a two-way integration, responsible for performing two primary actions:

  1. Create returns within ShipHero when a return is initiated through Loop: This integration leverages Loop’s Webhook feature to create returns in ShipHero as soon as a customer’s return is created.

  2. Process or flag a return within Loop based on return status updates in ShipHero: When items return to the warehouse and a return status is updated, the integration uses the ShipHero Webhook feature to trigger a process or flag even

Qualifications for the Integration:

  • This integration is available on the Loop Return Plus plan with API access or add-on Integration

  • Loop has built and maintains this integration, which means no developer work is needed on the merchant's end

Process Returns

  1. Customer submits return to Loop

  2. Loop Webhook fires

  3. RMA is created in ShipHero using Webhook Data

  4. Warehouse receives return package, updates return status in ShipHero

  5. ShipHero Webhook fires

  6. RMA is closed in ShipHero

  7. Return is complete