Return To Sender (RTS) Process


"Return to Sender" (RTS) is when undeliverable packages are processed to be sent back to the indicated return address. Below are the steps we will take to help you resolve a RTS.

  1. We receive a RTS at our warehouse.

  2. The CS team will notify you of the RTS via email in the following format:

    • Order # - Recipient Name
      Packaging Condition - Tracking # - Reason for RTS

  3. We will hold the package up to 48 hours and wait for further instruction:

    • For reships, update the order on Shopify (address changes) and ShipHero (shipping method) and notify CS.

    • To process back into inventory, create the RMA in ShipHero and notify CS.

    • To hand an order back (virtual), notify CS.

💡 If we don't receive direction within 48 hours, we will process the RTS back into inventory ($5.00 fee for RMA generation), or return to brand (virtual) automatically.