Upload Purchase Order


All POs should be created into ShipHero 7 days prior to their arrival. Below are the steps to create a PO in ShipHero-

  1. Select Purchase Orders > All Purchase Orders


  2. There are two methods to submit a purchase order:


  • Create A Purchase Order:Through this method the purchase order is directly entered into ShipHero

  • Upload Purchase Order:Through this method the purchase order is entered onto the ShipHero

Upload Purchase Order

  1. Download the Purchase Order Template, fill out Template, and Upload PO.


  2. After Uploading the PO, click View to add additional details.


  3. On the next page, you will be able to update details of the PO and add additional ones-

    • PO Number:Customize the PO Number

    • Add additional SKUs to PO

    • Update the quantity of each SKU

    • Ship Date:Enter the Ship Date

    • Expected Date:Enter the Expected Arrival Date

    • Tracking Number:Enter the shipment Tracking Number



  4. Once updates are completed be sure to Save Changes.